Friday, July 27, 2007

Training Buddies

Here are my wonderful training buddies who have helped us get in shape for our upcoming ride. Cameron, Cheryl (who had planned to go on this ride, but fell and broke her elbow - so this was her first day back on the bike in 4 weeks!), Tere, me and Erica - my daughter. Eric took the photo, then we rode for 50 miles to downtown Sacramento and back.

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bailey said...

Hello everyone,

I just wrote a long blog but realized everything I wrote would be lost forever after I created my account. So like I was saying before I'm glad to see everyone's riding is coming along smoothly so far. Eric you have to give Andy a go atleast once, he can't beat you everytime. It sounds like there has been some georgeous scenery so far, has anything stood out nature wise that anyone remembers? Where is the final destination? That is so cool that you guys got a staning ovation at the convention, that's fantastic. DD how are you holding up and how are the bikes holding up? I don't know if you can respond to this or if it's solely a comment so I won't be looking for a response. May the rest of your journey's of 2007 tour de Johnson's be full of great riding. Love Bailey